Prohibited items

See below for the items you cannot ship with Shiplemon

We do not undertake the transport of the following items:

  • Alcoholic beverage

  • Skins of (wild) animals

  • Items of extremely high value (eg works of art, antiques, precious stones, gold and silver)

  • Dangerous goods/materials

  • Firearms

  • furs

  • Ivory and ivory articles

  • Live Animals

  • Money and Negotiable Items

  • Perishable items

  • Personal Items (Excludes US Shipping)

  • plants

  • pornographic material

  • Seeds

  • Stamps of particularly high value

  • Tobacco and tobacco products

  • Unaccompanied Baggage

In some countries there are other items that are either prohibited or subject to shipping restrictions. It is the sender's responsibility to comply with any applicable government regulations or laws applicable in each country. Shippers are also advised to consult each country's list of prohibited items.

Right to refuse and suspend parcel transport

Shiplemon and any company it works with reserves the right to refuse or suspend the carriage of any parcel that does not include detailed contact information of the sender and recipient, as well as items which, in our opinion, cannot be carried or whose description, classification or packaging and labels are not suitable for transport and are not accompanied by the necessary documentation.

Shiplemon and the companies we work with do not undertake to transport items that are prohibited by law or regulations of any federal, state or local authority in the countries of origin or destination, or items that may violate any export, import or other law or endanger the safety of our employees, agents and subcontractors or our means of transportation, or which, in our opinion, may stain, stain or otherwise damage other items or equipment , or whose transfer is not feasible from a practical or operational point of view.

Prohibited products based on the contract with UPS

Certain items that we list as prohibited may be accepted by UPS under a contract for regular volume shippers who have the ability to comply with all applicable regulations. Not all products can be shipped to all countries or regions.

For more information, please contact Shiplemon customer service.

Shiplemon does not agree to broker the carriage of prohibited items. Subject to any other provision of these terms or the Carriage Terms and Conditions, if the package is found to contain a prohibited item, you must pay Shiplemon an additional minimum handling fee of €130 (Euro) in addition to any other applicable charges. Your payment of this fee does not limit or exclude your liability to the carrier arising from your breach of the carrier's Terms and Conditions of Carriage nor does it mean that Shiplemon accepts any liability or waives any rights in relation to with prohibited items.

For more information on the transport of dangerous goods see here

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