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Connect Wix with Aiolos Courier

Connect your Wix e-shop with Aiolos Courier using our integration with Shiplemon

Just like that in every new order at your Wix store Shiplemon will transfer all the information and you'll be able to compare shipping prices, create voucher and pickup requests for Aiolos Courier but also for all other couriers that we're working with

Manage your shipments for your e-shop easily!

Through Shiplemon you can track all your orders that you have on Wix and create shipments (voucher) with Aiolos Courier but also with dozens of other couriers.

Just like that you don't have to install/upload various plugins for Aiolos Courier and for other couriers. With just one integration you can connect Aiolos Courier with your e-shop and create your vouchers automatically.

So if you have your own contract with Aiolos Courier you can simply create from Shiplemon all your vouchers, track your shipments with Aiolos Courier and create voucher for each shipment.

Finally in every new shipment with Aiolos Courier Shiplemon will inform again Wix with the tracking number and the status of the shipment so you always know at every moment even from Wix the current status of your order and shipment with Aiolos Courier.

Shiplemon is the only integration with Wix and Aiolos Courier that you need to automate your processes and easily create your vouchers with Aiolos Courier without needing to copy and paste your customer shipping address from Wix every time!

Our Partners

We work with all major courier companies, to make sure we have a shipping solution just right for everyone!

Acs Courier
Γενική Ταχυδρομική
ΕΛΤΑ Courier
Courier Center
Easy Mail
Svuum Courier
Kronos Express
TAS Courier
GT Courier
Comet Courier
City Courier
Aiolos Courier
FIS Courier
A-Post Courier
BCS Courier
BIZ Courier
DK Express
eBill Courier
Happy Courier
Mass Courier
PACK-MAN Courier
Tachymetafores Tavlaridis
What else can Shiplemon integration offer?
  • Compare prices easily from dozens of couriers

  • Have your own contract? Just add your contract!

  • Unique prices even if you don't have your own contract with a courier

  • See at any moment and from any device where your shipments are (tracking)

  • Connect your e-shop σου with ACS, Speedex and 20+ couriers

  • Send with 3 clicks your packages outside of Greece

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